5th May 2020 mjadmin

MIAMI, May 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Touchpoint Group Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: TGHI), a media and digital technology holding company that designs intelligent mobile app solutions for the live streaming of content, today announced that it is launching an innovative, dedicated platform for E-Sports designed specifically to meet the evolving demands of gamers and their fans. The platform, built in consultation with gamers and fans, will allow for unprecedented customization and content sharing options while minimizing streaming lag-time allowing users a virtual, real-time experience of content.

Spencer Christopher, Touchpoint’s Chief Technology Officer, said, “Today’s gamers invest large sums of money in their gaming equipment and services including the computer’s processor (CPU), graphics card (GPU), random access memory (RAM), as well as cutting edge HDR 8K monitors to maximize Frames Per Second (FPS) and Refresh Rate (Hz) in order to gain a competitive advantage in game play. And it doesn’t stop there, as gamers looking for an edge utilize a highly responsive sensor in the lightest form-factor gaming mouse, often smaller-scale keyboard with special tactile mechanical switches for the fastest possible key strokes, dedicated microphone with direct surround sound headset connection, and even ergonomic gaming desks and chairs with atmosphere lighting – all to enhance competitive game play.  With the largest increases in history of the number of E-Sports participants during the COVID-19 quarantine, the networks and current platforms for live-streaming are increasingly strained and gamers, emphasizing social-connectivity during this time, are looking for that next competitive edge and at the same time, a platform that rapidly delivers on content realism and includes the personalization features they desire.”

“To put it bluntly,” Mr. Christopher continued, “Not only are E-Sports participation and video game play at all-time highs; gaming as a spectator sport is now the number one competitive viewing experience!  Network providers like Verizon have reported increases in peak-hour usage greater than 75% as compared to immediately prior to the COVID-19 pandemic on a month-over-month basis.  Twitch, currently the world’s largest streaming platform for gamers, has grown its audience exponentially these last few months.  One of the primary differentiators for the Touchpoint E-Sports app is that it is designed to enable gamers to deliver their audiences the experience as they play it, where E-Sport pros can fully display not just their in-game talents but also physical endurance with all the speed and reality; and importantly, it gives audiences the ability to view the content the same way, capturing the vantage point, body movements and adrenaline of the gamer.”

“We have been working on licensing agreements,” commented Touchpoint CEO Mark White, “and now we have executed six such agreements. Speed, realism, customization and personalization, and artificial intelligence connectivity have been the areas where our clients have sought out our expertise.  The E-Sports industry was estimated to surpass $1.5 billion by 2023 prior to COVID-19 and based on the data that we have reviewed in detail; this number appears to be a gross underestimate.  Social media influencers and even mainstream celebrities including Drake, Travis Scott, DJ Marshmello and Michael Jordan just to name a few are garnering an increasing amount of coverage in the space and this has created an unprecedented inflow of digital advertising dollars as well as the formation of gaming groups or ‘clans’ that have moved aggressively into merchandizing, and our platform provides advertising and merchandizing capabilities that speak to gamers and their audiences authentically.”

“The most popular games such as Fortnite are social in design and feature many modes such as creative, solos, duos, squads, arena solos, arena duos, tournaments and competitions,” said Mr. Christopher.  “Each of these allows for unique opportunities to give fans a direct connection to their favorite players and teams and this is what is enabling the social component of live streaming to really flourish. During my time at Apple, I was able to witness the birth of this opportunity but now gaming is in its adolescence and players have the chance to become professionals with opportunities to win large sums of money for success at the highest levels and these opportunities extend well beyond the gaming events alone.  In this complex digital environment, gaming teams, gaming professionals and even hobbyist gamers expect more from a live streaming platform – they expect a platform designed not just with them in mind but actually ‘with them’ so they can maximize the use of their investment in technology to more readily socialize and really enjoy this vast and dynamic ecosystem they call their own.”

“In setting out to deliver in this arena, which we have been working on for more than a year, our focus on day one was the gamers and the community ecosystem and that is our same focus today as we prepare to launch,” added Mr. Christopher.  “Today, we are adding artificial intelligence interconnectivity as well as market-specific capabilities with emphasis on direct collaboration with leading gamers, clans, and game title developers.  By spending this time to really understand each of the most popular games and those who play them, we’ve also been able to create streaming tools to deliver game-specific content from the gamer’s or audiences’ perspective whether its Fortnite ‘building’ or acquiring ‘V-Bucks’ in Fortnite’s ‘Save the World’ module, doing ‘jobs’ to acquire ‘money’ in Grand Theft Auto, or quality ‘watch and learn” training or ‘how-to-win’ strategies across a variety of these top titles from the gamers to watch.  All of us at Touchpoint are so excited to deliver for the gaming community.”